Lernerville Speedway safety guidelines, rules, and all race procedures take precedence in all divisions 


Lernerville Weekly Late Model Tire Rule: Any Hoosier Tire 

Steel City Stampede Competitor Notes 


General Rules, Scoring, and Lineup Procedures


Peoples Natural Gas Sprint Car Rules 

*Sprint Car Rules. "Weight Change- Starting with Fab4 racing on Friday, April 23 and throughout the remainder of the season all Peoples Natural Gas Sprint Cars must weigh a minimum of 1425 lbs"

 Precise Racing Products Late Model Rules


Diehl Automotive Big Block Modified Rules




2022 Enduro Rules and Entry


Mini Stock cars must pass technical inspection based on the home track rules of the competitor. Lernerville SAFETY rules and regulations will take precedence over the competitor's home track rules and Lernerville starting lineup procedures will govern the race program.  But cars (4-Cylinder and 6-Cylinder Front Wheel Drive cars) will pass or fail technical inspection based on the rules of the track that the car normally competes. 


Demo Derby Rules 


School Bus Rules 


Flag Rules